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Gold Drop Collection Subscription

Experience ultimate luxury with access to the Black, Silver, and Gold Drop Collections, including top-tier fragrances, two free samples, a branded accessory, and more, starting at $78.99/month.

Pricing: $78.99/month


  1. Start Your Subscription for $78.99/month: Utilize a $78.99 credit across any of the collections.
  2. Explore & Unlock: Immediate access to all collections.
  3. Indulge in Luxury: Redeem your monthly $78.99 credit on any

    combination of perfumes from the Black, Silver, or Gold Drop Collections. 4. Unlimited Luxury: Select additional perfumes across any collections as a one-time buy, applying your subscription credit towards the initial purchase and paying extra for any additional choices at checkout.


    • Exclusive access to Black, Silver, and Gold Drop Collections
    • Monthly $78.99 Credit
    • Two Free Samples of 1ml to 3ml
    • Free Branded Accessory
    • Free Shipping Once a Month
    • Cancel Anytime


    • Q: How often can I choose new fragrances?
      • A: As a Gold member, you can spread your monthly credit across any of the collections, e.g., one from Black and two from Silver instead of one from Gold, applying your credit to one and purchasing additional perfumes as desired.
    • Q: What happens if I don’t use my monthly credit?
      • A: We'll remind you weekly about new drops. If you don't choose, our AI ScentButler will select a recommended perfume based on your past likes and purchases.
    • Q: Can I use my credit to buy 2 or more perfumes from different collections?
      • A: Yes, with Gold membership, you have the flexibility to redeem your credit across any collection, e.g., one from Black and two from Silver this month instead of one from Gold, with additional purchases beyond your credit.
    • Q: What happens after I subscribe, check out, and pay?
      • A: Log in and head to any Drop Collection to add perfumes to your cart. Use your credit for one perfume and pay extra for any additional ones.
    • Q: What will happen if I cancel my subscription?
      • A: If you cancel before 7 days of your next payment, you won't be charged for the upcoming month. Cancel later, and we'll process that month's subscription, send your selections, and then cancel.