Sweet Notes
Sweet Notes
Sweet Notes
Sweet Notes

Sweet Notes

A harmonious blend of delectable elements, exuding a delightful and inviting aura. This combination of sugary, gourmand accords creates a warm and comforting olfactory experience.

Desire Me - TravelDesire Me - Travel
Desire Me - Travel
sweet warm spicy coffee chocolate...
You get, Branded 2 Travel Roll On 2x6ml

$9.99 $11.99

Aoud Black Candy - TravelAoud Black Candy - Travel
Aoud Black Candy - Travel
sweet soft spicy musky amber...
You get, Black Travel-Size 8ml, 90+ Sprays


Watan - TravelWatan - Travel
Watan - Travel
oud sweet musky woody amber...
You get, Gold Travel-Size 8ml, 90+ Sprays