The pathological secretion from the aquillaria tree yields a prized, rich, musty scent with woody-nutty nuances, highly valued in the Middle East. In the realm of commercial perfumery, it's accurate to assert that all "oud" is a meticulously recreated synthetic element.


The pathological secretion from the aquillaria tree yields a prized, rich, musty scent with woody-nutty nuances, highly valued in the Middle East. In the realm of commercial perfumery, it's accurate to assert that all "oud" is a meticulously recreated synthetic element.


It presents a gourmand, bittersweet profile that is gentle and nutty. Bitter almond oil is derived not only from almonds, but also from cherries, apricots, peaches, and prunes.


An imaginative, delicate floral note, airy and light.


A zesty and invigorating citrus note, sourced from the sun-drenched groves of the Amalfi Coast. Its lively, refreshing fragrance evokes a sense of Mediterranean freshness and vitality, adding a vibrant touch to any composition.


A warm, resinous embrace that exudes a comforting and sensual aura. Its rich, golden depth carries a blend of earthy and sweet nuances, lending an air of luxurious warmth to any fragrance.


A substance originating from the intestines of sperm whales, which can be found floating on the sea and is bleached by the sun and saltwater, giving it a skin-like warmth and salty touch. Today, it is artificially reproduced


A warm and resinous note, combining the rich depth of amber with woody elements. Its aromatic, embracing essence brings an air of comforting sophistication and adds a touch of timeless allure to any fragrance.


A warm, inviting note, exuding a golden, resinous richness. Its deep, comforting fragrance carries an air of timeless allure and adds a touch of opulence to any composition.


A contemporary synthetic compound featuring a musky, dry amber scent


A refreshing, delectable fruity tone, which can be either sweet, green, or tangy


A velvety, gentle fruity note with subtle hints of creaminess and a soft, animalic undertone.


Aromatic scents are characterized by their fresh, clean fragrance, composed of herbal notes like lavender, sage, mint, rosemary, and others!"


A strong-smelling, bitter, and herbal plant note, commonly referred to as wormwood, utilized for imparting aroma to absinthe and vermouth.


A robust and woody note, evoking the strength and resilience of cedar trees from the Atlas Mountains. Its grounding, earthy fragrance imparts a sense of natural fortitude and rugged sophistication.


The oil extracted from ambrette seeds carries a sweet, musky floral scent.



A crisp and invigorating note, capturing the essence of a dense evergreen forest. Its fresh, resinous aroma brings an air of natural vitality and depth to any fragrance


A revitalizing scent infused with herbal notes and a hint of spice.


A vibrant burst of citrus sunshine, its zesty notes dance with a hint of floral warmth, leaving a refreshing and uplifting trail.


A distinctive and slightly astringent note, evoking the essence of bitter almond kernels. Its unique, nutty aroma adds an intriguing touch of complexity to any fragrance, creating a sense of depth and character.


It's a non-edible tart citrus variety, commonly referred to as 'bigarade.' Its scent is highly intense.


A tart fruity note, distinctively featuring an ammoniac undertone reminiscent of 'cat piss,' is derived from the buds of green leaves. This note holds significant importance in formulating perfumes with green, minty, and fruity accords.


A spicy and invigorating note, boasting a lively kick with a subtle hint of heat. Its piquant aroma adds a dynamic and spirited touch to any fragrance composition.


An aromatic, invigorating note, reminiscent of freshly steeped tea leaves. Its deep, earthy aroma carries an air of warmth and comfort, evoking the ritual of a comforting tea ceremony


It is a variant of the sweet orange, exceptionally sweet and succulent, characterized by a sugary taste and fragrance.


A rich and velvety sweetness, known for its deep, creamy fragrance. This luxurious essence carries an air of indulgence and adds a touch of opulence to any composition


Radiant and captivating, this note boasts a full-bodied, velvety bloom with a subtle spicy undertone. Its exquisite, deep floral richness evokes an aura of classic romance and elegance


A delectable and fruity note, capturing the rich sweetness of ripe blackcurrants. Its succulent, tangy fragrance adds a juicy and vibrant touch to any composition, evoking a sense of delightful indulgence


Blackberries possess an artificial undertone with a tangy-sweet, fruity character.



A gourmand fragrance with warm, spicy notes and hints of amber and balsamic undertones.


A radiant burst of citrus sunshine, extracted from the vibrant orchards of Calabria, Italy. Its zesty, uplifting notes evoke a sense of freshness and vitality, adding a touch of Mediterranean charm to any fragrance.


A graceful and delicate floral note, exuding a subtle, velvety elegance. Its gentle, aromatic fragrance imparts a sense of natural beauty and timeless charm.


A deep candy-like aroma with a sensual, rich, and creamy buttery quality that enhances gourmand fragrances and imparts sweetness to floral blends


A sharp and sweet note with a subtle spiciness, derived from the steam distillation of essential oil from caraway seeds.


An aromatic sweet and spicy tone with a resinous touch, followed by a bitter finish.


A floral fragrance with a spicy, clove-like undertone, exuding a bright and vivid aura


A musky, soft, cosmetic scent


A widely embraced synthetic blend featuring a gently spreading, warm, woody, musky amber aroma, evoking the softness of cashmere wool.


A velvety and warm note, offering a luxurious, comforting embrace. Its creamy, woody essence exudes an air of sophistication and adds a touch of gentle sensuality to any fragrance.


A lively burst of black currant, exuding a sweet and tangy aroma with a hint of dark berries. This invigorating note adds a fruity and vibrant touch to any fragrance.


A gentle woody scent that originates from the cedarwood of either the Atlas Mountains in Morocco or Virginia in the US. Additionally, there are numerous synthetic fragrances that mimic the aroma of cedar


An herbaceous, aromatic scent with hints of greenness and spice.


A sweet, delicate floral note, known for its lush and aromatic blossoms. Its graceful, full-bodied fragrance exudes an air of exotic allure, evoking the essence of a Chinese jasmine garden in full bloom


A sweet and aromatic citrus note, commonly utilized and linked with the chinotto beverage.


A warm, sweet aroma with a persistent powdery spice undertone.


A group of citrus fruits from various varieties


A group of various types of hesperidic fruits.


Originally sourced from the anal glands of exotic civet animals (which aren't technically cats), this substance carries a potent and fecal odor. However, it imparts a remarkable radiance and warmth to floral scents. Nowadays, civetone, a synthetic alternative, is used for ethical considerations.


An herbaceous scent, gentle and sweet, featuring hints of lavender, balsamic undertones, and a musky amber touch


A spicy warmth characterized by eugenol, eugenyl acetate, and caryophyllene, which predominantly constitute essential oils extracted from the clove plant.


A sweet, tropical note combining fruity, nutty, and creamy hints of vanilla.


Coffee berries are harvested from the evergreen Coffea genus. In perfumery, the coffee note embodies an intense, deeply roasted aspect, often associated with the cocoa facet found in Borneo 1834 (Lutens) patchouli. This note gained renown through its notable presence in fragrances like A*men by Mugler and L'Or de Torrente.


This spice carries a notably sharp, bitter-sour aroma that may bear a resemblance to sweat. Its potency can make it a standout element in fragrance compositions, often chosen nowadays to impart an intimate, animalic touch in lieu of actual animal-derived ingredients. Its extravagant use in Alexander McQueen's 'Kingdom' perfume is well-known.


An exquisite synthetic note emulating the sophisticated, airy, pure, and enigmatic fragrance of cyclamen blossoms


A persistent, dry, earthy, and aromatic woody scent.


A potent, earthy, aromatic woodsy scent.


A mysterious and earthy essence, opening with deep, smoky tones that reveal a subtle woody sweetness. This evocative note exudes a sense of primal elegance and depth



A regal and intoxicating floral note, revered for its full-bodied, velvety petals. Its rich, heady fragrance exudes an air of timeless romance and opulent allure.


A sugary note with a sweet, fruity essence



Elemi exudes a remarkably fresh, spicy, piney, balsamic fragrance with citrus undertones.


An aromatic woody note with camphorous elements and subtle fruity undertones.



A distinct, green, and slightly bitter aroma evoking thoughts of earth, shadows, and foliage.


A luscious and sweetly succulent note, capturing the ripe essence of sun-kissed figs. Its juicy, fruity aroma evokes a sense of natural indulgence and Mediterranean warmth.


A sophisticated, powdery, and velvety note encapsulating the milky, coconut-infused sap of the fruit, the deep, bitter, and dusty green of the leaves, along with the essence of the tree's bark and the earth below. This note holds significant popularity in niche perfumery.


Nearly every perfume incorporates floral elements, which can be either natural or synthetic.


A vibrant bouquet of various blossoms, exuding a diverse range of aromatic and colorful essences. This note captures the essence of nature's most beautiful and fragrant creations, adding a touch of floral elegance to any fragrance


A fruity tropical note with a hint of citrus and floral essence.


A floral note with a fresh, powdery, and spicy quality.


A vibrant and invigorating burst of cleanliness and vitality. This crisp, lively note embodies the essence of just-washed freshness, evoking a sense of energy and renewal in any fragrance.


The addition of fresh and sweet fruity tones elevates the allure and authenticity of the floral elements



A pleasing fragrance, rich in spicy balsamic tones. This oil is extracted from the rhizomes of Alpinia Officinarum.


A captivating white floral essence with lively green and earthy mushroom undertones.


Leaves are processed to produce a rich rosy shade complemented by green aromatic hints.


An iconic juniper berry essence, reminiscent of gin, provides a bracing, mind-clearing, and invigorating touch. It proves valuable in woody, fougère, and chypre blends, offering a lively opening


A lively, effervescent spicy top note, featuring a distinct burst of fresh citrus and a hint of pine.


A bitter, aromatic citrus fragrance with a "earthy" undertone reminiscent of black currant.


A sweet, yet invigoratingly fresh aroma of freshly cut grass, delivering a lively green essence.


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A revitalizing and aromatic note, capturing the essence of freshly steeped green tea leaves. Its crisp, earthy aroma brings an air of invigorating calm and natural vitality to any fragrance.


A general term for notes that conjure the scent of crushed leaves, greenery, and vegetative aromas.


A crisp and invigorating burst of tart fruitiness, exuding a fresh and lively aroma. Its bright, lively notes evoke a sense of youthful vibrancy and natural allure.



A flavorful nutty essence with hints of woodiness and aromatic undertones.


A crisp floral scent evoking hints of jasmine with verdant undertones.


A fragrance note reminiscent of almonds and vanilla, featuring soft and diffuse outlines, achieved through the use of heliotropin.


A verdant and invigorating bouquet of freshly crushed herbs, offering a revitalizing and aromatic essence. This green medley adds a refreshing and natural touch to any fragrance composition.


A gentle floral scent complemented by musky hints


A sweet, indulgent fragrance with hints of animalic and powdery florals.


A floral note with a sweet hint of honey and pollen.


A graceful and delicate floral note, blooming with a sweet, dew-kissed freshness. Its elegant fragrance carries a touch of springtime charm and natural allure.



n fragrance terminology, the term 'incense' typically refers to olibanum or frankincense, and may also allude to a smoky element.


A rich and opulent note, sourced from the heartwood of Indian agarwood trees. Its complex, earthy fragrance exudes an air of exotic luxury, adding depth and sensuality to any fragrance.


A lush and intoxicating floral note, known for its opulent, heady blossoms. Its rich, creamy fragrance exudes an air of exotic allure, evoking the essence of a moonlit garden in full bloom.


A rich and earthy note sourced from the lush foliage of Indonesian patchouli plants. Its deep, aromatic essence exudes an air of natural strength and exotic allure, adding depth and sensuality to any fragrance.


The natural iris (derived from iris root) presents an earthy, woody, and powdery aroma, evoking memories of boiled carrots. On the other hand, a fanciful iris note exudes a powdery floral scent, reminiscent of the violet flower.


A graceful and aromatic floral note, harvested from Italy's fragrant gardens. Its delicate, full-bodied fragrance exudes an air of classic romance and Mediterranean allure.



A regal and intoxicating floral note, harvested from the fields of Grasse, France. Its exquisite, full-bodied bloom exudes an air of timeless elegance and opulence, with a touch of sweet, heady allure.


A garden in full bloom captured in a bottle. Its heady, floral notes exude a timeless elegance, leaving a trail of luxurious allure.


mine variety. Its heady, rich fragrance carries an air of mystery and seductive allure, evoking the essence of a tropical night in full bloom


It possesses a crisp, balsamic, aromatic scent with hints of pine.


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