It carries a citrusy, slightly bitter and sharp accent, combined with a refined, subtle touch. There's a gentle hint of spice, and its multifaceted nature brings forth fruity and aromatic layers. It evokes the essence of eau de Cologne and is the defining taste in Earl Grey tea.


A juicy symphony of sweet, tangy bliss. This luscious fruit note adds a playful and delectable touch to any fragrance.


A lush, sweet floral note with hints of banana, accompanied by woody, earthy, and tangy undertones.


Earthy and grounding, this note opens with a rich, woody depth that unveils a hint of smoky sweetness. Its rugged, aromatic profile evokes a sense of serene sophistication.


A garden in full bloom captured in a bottle. Its heady, floral notes exude a timeless elegance, leaving a trail of luxurious allure.


A mysterious and earthy essence, opening with deep, smoky tones that reveal a subtle woody sweetness. This evocative note exudes a sense of primal elegance and depth

Laotian Oud

A rare and opulent essence, exuding a complex interplay of rich, woody depth and sweet, resinous warmth. This sought-after note lends an air of exotic luxury to any fragrance

Matcha Tea

A verdant and invigorating note, evoking the vibrant essence of powdered green tea. Its fresh, earthy aroma carries an air of tranquility and vitality


An earthy and distinctive note, evoking the aromatic essence of dried patchouli leaves. Its deep, musky fragrance brings an air of exotic allure and adds a touch of rugged sophistication to any fragrance.


Derived from Myristica fragrans, this fruit carries a spicy sweetness with earthy and robust underlying notes. It imparts an oriental spiciness that is more delicate compared to the usual blend of cinnamon, clove, and vanilla found in oriental fragrances. This makes it an excellent choice for lighter, woody scents and those with a masculine touch. Notable examples include Fahrenheit by Dior and Vetiver Sport by Guerlain.

Water Notes

Crisp, clean, and refreshing, these notes evoke the invigorating essence of a cool, clear stream. Their aquatic and dewy character adds a revitalizing touch to any fragrance composition

Peach Blossom

Delicate and sweet, this note captures the ephemeral beauty of blooming peach orchards. Its floral-fruity profile brings a touch of youthful charm and natural elegance to any fragrance.

Taif Rose

A regal and intoxicating note, it opens with a burst of lush, velvety petals and unveils a rich, rosy heart. This luxurious essence exudes an air of timeless romance and opulence.

Bulgarian Rose

Radiant and captivating, this note boasts a full-bodied, velvety bloom with a subtle spicy undertone. Its exquisite, deep floral richness evokes an aura of classic romance and elegance


The pathological secretion from the aquillaria tree yields a prized, rich, musty scent with woody-nutty nuances, highly valued in the Middle East. In the realm of commercial perfumery, it's accurate to assert that all "oud" is a meticulously recreated synthetic element.


A lively burst of black currant, exuding a sweet and tangy aroma with a hint of dark berries. This invigorating note adds a fruity and vibrant touch to any fragrance.


A graceful and delicate floral note, blooming with a sweet, dew-kissed freshness. Its elegant fragrance carries a touch of springtime charm and natural allure.


A bright and zesty note, distilled from the leaves and twigs of citrus trees. Its invigorating citrusy aroma brings a lively, uplifting touch to any fragrance composition.


Timeless and romantic, this note captures the essence of velvety petals in full bloom. Its rich, deep floral profile evokes an air of classic elegance and passionate allure.


A warm, resinous embrace that exudes a comforting and sensual aura. Its rich, golden depth carries a blend of earthy and sweet nuances, lending an air of luxurious warmth to any fragrance.


A serene and grounding note, boasting a creamy, woody richness. Its velvety, earthy aroma exudes a sense of tranquil sophistication, adding a touch of refined luxury to any fragrance.


A burst of sunny citrus, radiating a zesty and refreshing aroma. Its bright, invigorating notes add a lively and uplifting touch to any fragrance composition.

Jasmin de Grasse

A regal and intoxicating floral note, harvested from the fields of Grasse, France. Its exquisite, full-bodied bloom exudes an air of timeless elegance and opulence, with a touch of sweet, heady allure.

Rose de Mai

A delicate and luxurious floral note, harvested from the famous fields of Grasse, France. Its ethereal, velvety petals exude an air of classic romance and opulent allure, with a subtly sweet and graceful essence.


A warm, sweet aroma with a persistent powdery spice undertone


Leaves are processed to produce a rich rosy shade complemented by green aromatic hints.


A fragrant aroma with a gentle blend of sweetness, spice, and hints of anise.

Sweet Notes

A harmonious blend of delectable elements, exuding a delightful and inviting aura. This combination of sugary, gourmand accords creates a warm and comforting olfactory experience.


A note that can be either synthetic or naturally sourced, with a sharp quality that evokes the scent of treated skins and leather items. Commonly achieved using birch tar or synthetic isoquinolines.


A substance originating from the intestines of sperm whales, which can be found floating on the sea and is bleached by the sun and saltwater, giving it a skin-like warmth and salty touch. Today, it is artificially reproduced.


A gentle floral scent complemented by musky hints

Tiare Flower

A creamy white floral scent with fruity undertones and indolic accents.

Green Notes

A general term for notes that conjure the scent of crushed leaves, greenery, and vegetative aromas.


A floral note that's sweet and powdery, with a light and dew-fresh essence.


A group of various types of hesperidic fruits.

Orange Blossom

A floral scent with a hint of fruitiness, reminiscent of orange blossom


A gentle woody scent that originates from the cedarwood of either the Atlas Mountains in Morocco or Virginia in the US. Additionally, there are numerous synthetic fragrances that mimic the aroma of cedar


A citrusy hint that's a blend between mandarin and pomelo, with a slight touch of sharpness.


An aromatic sweet and spicy tone with a resinous touch, followed by a bitter finish.


A deep candy-like aroma with a sensual, rich, and creamy buttery quality that enhances gourmand fragrances and imparts sweetness to floral blends